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Selain nama, usia dan pekerjaan ternyata makanan favorit memiliki peran penting dalam menarik perhatian calon pasangan.Ada pepatah lama yang berbunyi, "cara untuk menarik hati seorang pria adalah lewat perutnya." Pepatah ini tampaknya benar dan berlaku untuk pria ataupun wanita.It's short and simple, yet it is as complete as a jacket cover synopsis of Lord Of The Rings Trilogy-in-one-volume.

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There I was, unknowingly standing on the brink of calamity.My mind is bright and quick, yet I learned to think that I, as a person, was not good enough; that I do not deserve to wallow in sadness because I am simply not special enough.My story is not about how my ex-boyfriend failed me, or how I failed my self.I raised my head high with pride and thought: I am young. And there it stood looking up the sky, begging and crying in its silence: "Take me.Please." Yet days come and go, and there it stood still.

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