Okcupid biggest lies online dating

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According to a New Yorker article (registration required) from last year, “Jiayuan hired a team of document experts to hunt for forgeries and ferret out suspicious activity, such as a user who makes frequent adjustments to his name and birth date.” Creating this capability is a much bigger problem for an American site than for a Chinese site (and, to a lesser extent, a Korean site) given differences in labor costs.

An American site would have to either pay high American wages to the people who verify users’ information or they would have to expend a great deal of resources setting up an offshore operation which, though cheaper, would create concerns regarding security and identity theft.

Tell it you're only looking for girls who are single and watch as half the matches it churns out are attached. Having seen so many girls listed as "seeing someone," I started to wonder what their motivation could possibly be.But verifying individual users’ height, income, education, and the like has to be done customer-by-customer.Verification kills the scalability of a dating site.In that case, anyone reading would be justified in assuming that you're just an uber-realistic looking robot with an absolutely awful excuse for artificial intelligence. Are you going to titillate us by revealing you like to eat and drink, as well?If these are the sort of tidbits that they believe are going to draw in potential suitors, they'd be better off leaving their profiles mostly blank like the people in #10.

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