New york hot women and rich men dating services

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“It’s sexually charged and fun, but it fizzles because this woman is used to specific things, like jetting off to Hawaii.

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Increasingly, high-powered women are turning to matchmakers—some of whom charge up to 0,000 a year—to help them find love (Note: we have no idea if any of the single ladies mentioned above have ever worked with a matchmaker.) And we’re not talking someone like Bravo’s cantankerous Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger, who holds cattle calls with random people to set her wealthy clients up with.

Every matchmaker contacted admitted to female, and male, clients bringing up the sexually explicit S&M-themed novel.

Says Andersen: “A couple of individuals have said they want a Christian Grey …

Not downplaying your achievements, but let the man be the fricking man!

”Kelleher recalls a recent incident with a client.“I was a matchmaker to a well-known, high-powered man.

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