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Just a couple of years ago, Netflix migrated its entire infrastructure to the public cloud.However, not all companies need to build a distributed infrastructure as Netflix did.Experts in the field of IT infrastructure, system administrators and data center operators will have to compete fiercely for the remaining jobs. This does not mean such specialists have become completely unnecessary.

At first glance, it seems this will gradually lead to instability in the labor market.

The list includes Iaa S/Paa S, private/hybrid cloud, test and application development environments, big data processing and disaster recovery solutions, along with data storage and backup systems.

These technologies served as a standard technology stack for a long time.

New Directions Still Appear: The blockchain technology was born in 2008, gained worldwide popularity 8 years later and came to the cloud about a year ago.

Based on the virtual infrastructure, a new direction has started to develop: Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baa S).

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