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No one wanted to stop for bathroom or lunch breaks!! This book gives glimpse after beautiful glimpse of God’s Amazing Grace. This book has a morning and evening scripture compilation reading.Now that’s an idea for saving money while trekking across the US! If your soul needs healing from religion, this book is balm for your soul. Each one is only a couple paragraphs long and the content is pulled from all over the Bible.You can go on crash diets, be skinny, and completely physically unhealthy. in Physiology dealing with weight regulation as well as a graduate degree in Psychology specializing in eating disorders. She has conducted scientific and academic studies to prove that our obsession with being thin doesn’t have a realistic basis in health.And you can be the weight that your body wants to be (throw that BMI scale out the window) and still be healthy. Disordered Eating, either past or present, is an issue so many of us deal with as a result of fat-shaming and diet culture. I welcome you to share your top Christian books for women recommendations in the comments! This book by Ed Welch gave me solid biblical truth to deal with shame, both the godly kind and the ungodly kind. Jackson turned to me afterwards and said, “I felt the presence of God in that man like I’ve never felt before. ” About a year later, we saw this man’s face on his book and knew. Yun as one “poor in spirit.” We know what scripture says about those. Can I just say that reading through it is amazing, convicting, profound, faith building, and life changing. But then an upright and kind farmer marries her and redeems her from the life of a prostitute. and there is a godly shame, by the way, the sort that leads to repentance and cleansing.There WILL be times of great loneliness and times of facing my deepest fears. Yes, I recommend reading it and letting it remind you of Truth… So Chuck Black writes for young adults but a little secret? My younger kids enjoy his books and my husband and I do too.

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For women who tend to compromise too often in their relationships, this book is a great guide to finding balance and true happiness.

The book works to dispell the myth that health has a certain look to it.

We’re taught that you can’t be healthy if you’re not thin, but that’s simply untrue.

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Besides the Bible, what ONE Christian book do you think every Christian woman should read? Lots of good Christian book suggestions in the comments section below! It gave me truth to know how to differentiate between the two.

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