Matters of life and dating

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Domestic violence and emotional abuse are typically used together in a relationship to control the victim.

Persons may be married, living together, or dating.

Statistics suggest one in four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and three in four Americans are reported to know a victim, though most episodes are not reported to the authorities.

Although the majority of victims are female, an estimated 15% are males.

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The person being harmed Persons experiencing domestic violence are often termed “victims,” or if the situation has resolved, “survivors,” but it is most important to recall they are children of God, with inherent dignity and deserving our love and respect.These persons benefit from counseling that affirms their inherent dignity, helps them understand the dysfunctional patterns in their past and current relationships, and assists them in establishing a safe home and relationships. Although common characteristics have been identified, there is no “typical” abuser.In public, they may appear friendly and loving to their family, while the violence and its consequences are hidden from view.Finally, the abuser thinks about the past and the future in a manner that drives the abuser to mentally “set up” the next episode of violence.Some victims of domestic abuse have a tendency to “normalize” violent behavior based on experiences in their family of origin, where they struggled with their sense of self-worth, setting boundaries, or emotional dependence.

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