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MS 10166/7 (1-128); Correspondence and Papers, 1724-1795. 1766, Fly leaf of a Bible belonging to Charlotte Sneyd giving names and dates of birth of her family 4. - description of house, household arrangements and family expenses - education of a child [? , RLE to Mrs Ruxton - Mrs Honora E's illness hope to go to Bristol 19.Includes letters concerning Practical Education, Lavoisier's Elements of Chemistry, letters from RLE and ME to Mrs Ruxton, letters between ME and Sophy Ruxton relating to literary works such as The Botanic Garden, Travels in America, Romance of the Forest, and Evenings at Home. Jan 1769, Copy of part of a letter from RLE to Dr Eramus Darwin - description of a steam engine he has invented 5. , RLE to Josiah Wedgwood - sending Mrs Honora E's case to be submitted to Dr Jebb 20.[Apr 1780], Mrs Honora E [autograph] - legacy of her miniature of RLE to the woman whom he shall think worth to call his and afterwards to the child who has pleased him most]? , RLE to Wedgwood and Bentley - order for 12 profiles of Mrs Honora E in white on blue from a profile by Mrs Harrington and a picture by Smart 33.Did this go to the Fox descendants or was it removed from Edgworthstown by the widow of Eroles Edgeworth? [], LE to ME at school - a workbag for Mrs Ruxton - ME to write a story on Generosity 34. , RLE to ME at school - acknowledgement of a letter - finished by Elizabeth Sneyd 36.London to find husbands - instructions for leaving E'town - affairs of Newcomen Edgworth 82.[1791], ME to Mrs Ruxton from E'town - visit to Black Castle - Dr Darwin's advise on Lovell E 83.[Oct 1791], ME to Mrs Ruxton from E'town - birth of Honora E (d.1857) - departure for Clifton - Thomas Day E - 'Freeman Family' 84.

[June 1782], RLE to Wedgwood - difficulties in transmission of money owing to international situation - possible return to Edgeworthstown 50. - learned general state of science and literature - Letty Ruxton 70. , RLE to Mrs Ruxton - Canal business - Jardine's Travels - Macaulay on education [Mrs Macaulay's Letters on Education] - Mrs Cullen - 'All real female merit must degenerate in Dublin' 72. 1790], ME to Mrs Ruxton - reassurance in Mrs Ruxton being so near during absence of parents - 'wee-wee stories' for Margaret Ruxton 73. 1791], RLE to Mrs Ruxton - canal business - Mrs Powys - guardianship of Essex E - continued by ME - T Day's legacy of math.

, RLE to Mrs Ruxton - protection of reputation of Elizabeth Sneyd - his mourning for Honora - Lady Holte's kindness to Elizabeth Sneyd - marriage to be in London 37. - his marriage - no danger of ecclesiastical attack as no one's interest is threatened - wish to take a house nr. , RLE to Mrs Ruxton from Northchurch - her disapproval of the marriage - Elizabeth Sneyd a always chaperoned by Mrs Yonge 'until Mr S made us change our attention of marrying at Weston' and after that by Lady Holte - thoughts of moving to Bath or to Edgeworthstown - end by Mrs Elizabeth E 43. [], RLE to his family - joking letter about his return home 63.

, RLE to Wedgwood - loss of Bentley - offer of help - 'thank you for leaving the Picture. [], Note in Harriet E's hand giving ME's account of marriage of RLE to Elizabeth Sneyd [as stated in Great Bible]: marriage took place at St. , RLE to Mrs Ruxton - his comfort and improvement of children - Dick again gone to sea after behaving ill as usual - end to John Ruxton 44. , Mrs Eliz E to [Mrs Ruxton] - a cook and her wages - decline of Honora E [d. ME to Mrs Ruxton - desire for a silhouette of her aunt - Honora E's thanks for a silhouette of Mrs HE - Honora's decline returns the 'French Story' - 'Freeman Family' progresses very slowly - the little story for Margaret Ruxton 65. 1789], ME to Mrs Ruxton - RLE's affection for his sister - copying 'the little story' - continued by RE - desire to publish Life of Thomas Day, prefixed to a vol.

, RLE to Wedgwood - Jebb's opinion coincides with that of Darwin and Heberden - 3rd vol.

of Harry and Lucy (Practical Education] being written to publish with others to save cost of advertising twice 22. , RLE to Mrs Ruxton - her visit to Mrs Honora E 24. , Mrs Honora E to Mrs Mary Powys - her love for RLE 26. , RLE to ME at school - thanks for workbag sent for Mrs Honora E - his wish to have letters from ME 'familiarly' 28.

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