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A key facet of the findings was that Thai women with marriage partners in Holland maintained financial links with their extended family in Thailand.There are now well over 10,000 Thai women from Thailand who are living in Holland, most of them married to Dutch men.Here’s a few key facts and other things you ought to know first.1 How many weddings?Around 64,300 couples tied the knot in the Netherlands in 2015 (of which 1,259 were same sex couples).

’ to which you may not instantly want to say ‘Well, for tax reasons, of course’.5 Free weddings Cheapskates and genuinely poor people can get married for free: councils set aside certain times for this (usually early in the morning, they are not THAT charitable).

By this time, they are statistically likely to have at least started having children.

The charming, if biologically incorrect title for the second family of a man who has married before is or second lay – referring to hens and eggs not two sexual encounters.3 Church or registry office?

The other study into Thai women in Holland conducted by the student doing a Ph D course at Leiden University focuses on the tension caused within marriages between Thai women and Dutch men caused by obligations taken on by Thai wives after they move with their husbands to Holland.

M/s Suksomboon cites as an example one Thai woman returning with her Dutch husband to her family in North Eastern Thailand.

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