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It's an athleticism and swing bet, as he isn't as yolked up or long as your typical elite power guy and it's not an awful approach, perhaps just a bit raw for full season. I mean, his ratio of home runs to singles was lower in 2018 than in 2017, but it was still 1, which is pretty nuts.

He's such an extreme player, and I don't know that the extreme guys change that much.

(Jeffrey Paternostro)I will preface this by saying that I have not been scouting for that long.

I have probably been unaware of the talent of other teams while at games. I did my summer internship down there and attended far too many games.

(Mark Barry)So, the way I'm reading this is that you're asking if Beltre could return a Top 101-type player in a pre-deadline trade once the Rangers decide to start stripping the team down? Most of the teams that I'd guess will be in contention for playoff spots will be well-positioned at the hot corner, not to mention the fact that is likely to be on the trade market as well. He should probably avoid having it in April if at all possible.

Combine that with Beltre's injury woes recently and the fact that he's a really important part of Texas' clubhouse, and I'm not certain he'd pull back enough value to make Texas willing to deal him. We can keep 5 MLB players; the first year without a price increase, in subsequent years price goes up each year. That's kind of tough -- I would've said is awesome - borderline the best. (Patrick Dubuque)Fantasy-wise, he could be a middle of the order monster that produces across three categories and you ignore the batting average. I worry that he stagnated at Triple-A last year after such a great start, and is still striking out so much. (George Bissell)I think they are more likely to deal Profar, and Gallo probably has an easier path to playing time next year anyway.

It depends on your team context, but I think 2B is probably going to be the weakest spot this season. I think he gets a shot; the question comes down to how he times his inevitable month-long cold streak.

Here are the major leaguers from that team: as everyone else.

Usually it's good to take that as an indication that I'm wrong rather than an indication that everyone else is wrong and I'm right, but something about his profile makes me think he'll never put it all together as a hitter.

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