Madonna dating alex rodriguez

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The New York Post reported that Rodriguez spent an evening in Toronto with a blonde woman, later identified as Joslyn Noel Morse, a longtime exotic dancer.

Cheating New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is apparently a big fan of strippers because not long after, and somewhere around the time Scurtis filed for a divorce, Candice Houlihan a former exotic dancer from the Boston area told the Daily News that she and Rodriguez had sex on two occasions in 2004 when a still very married Rodriguez was in town playing against the Boston Red Sox.

Like I said A-Rod certainly has a type and Ella Magers checked all the boxes.

Alicia Marie called Alex Rodriguez a "sweetheart" and insisted that while the two spent time alone at her apartment, they are just "close friends." This was around the time that strippers and escorts were climbing out of the wordwork claiming to have slept with the player (on and off the field) so you really can’t blame the girl for pleading the fifth.Madonna and Alex Rodriguez were the hottest couple in New York City in 2008.Seen by many as “the last straw” Cynthia Scurtis (Rodrigues) filed for a divorce shortly after rumours were published in Us Weekly magazine about a possible affair between A-Rod and the Queen of Pop.Never a man who stays single long, Magers was spotted leaving A-Rod's house not long after he split from Diaz.A fitness professional located in Miami Beach where A-Rod makes his offseason home, Magers had a “prior working relationship” with A-Rod before the two were linked romantically.

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