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Group members will chime in if they have a match, and then will connect offline for the next steps.

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You also approach the first date on common ground: You both know the person who fixed you up, so there’s your first point of conversation.” But despite their impressive track records, the NYC Matchmaker Moms insist that any New Yorker with a strong social group can take it upon him- or herself to play Cupid.Collectively, the group has a formidable track record, with some members boasting successful matches — in which the couples are either married or in serious relationships — in the double digits.And members say that they don’t have any “secrets” — rather, they employ tenacity, listening skills and passion for what they do to produce such impressive results. Taking the effort to get the details is key, in my opinion.” Lori Salkin, a mom of three, agrees. From there, I have a picture of who would fit well into that lifestyle.” Not all of the self-described matchmakers are moms, or even married.“If you meet someone great, don’t be afraid to make your own setup,” says Salkin.She wishes more people would DIY when it comes to potential pairings.

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