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Sometimes on first listen I’m done, but the kids want to hear them again and again, and certain songs take repeat listening for enjoyment to kick in.

MUTHA: What was that first family music tour like, compared to your alt-rock first time out?

Since we’re surrounded by a lot of performer, musician, and actor parents in Los Angeles, I think they see it as one of the jobs people have more than something out of the ordinary. LISA LOEB: I hope for creativity, activity, involvement in the community, time with the kids, lots of time outdoors playing, making music, breathing, reaching, and growing as a person.

We are not too far away from the 25th anniversary of “Stay (I Missed You).” What do fans say to you about the song or the equally memorable video? Just so many stories about how it brings people together. They tell me that was the song that they heard when they met their husband, the song that they heard when they divorced their husband. It’s a song that they learned through their mom, or their best friends, that they all used to sing it together in a dorm room.

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I think they see it as a friendliness and something kind of special that people know my music.Did you know that ’90s alternative nerdy sweetheart songstress Lisa Loeb is now a MUTHA, and has produced several kids’ music albums?Her best known song title is “This Pancake is Disappointing.” I admit I did not know this, until now, either. Loeb’s lullaby voice, pop stylings, and gazing-in-the-eyes video choreography are as well-suited to the moods of the smaller set as the moody flannel-clad “kids” she reached with her breakout single “Stay.” (Everyone pause for a moment and think about for a while, just close your eyes and it will come. Time is a circle.) MUTHA got our hands on Loeb’s newest kid-pop album, “Feel What U Feel”—or as my five-year-old daughter, Lola, insists, “The Bread CD.” Lola’s full review?I had to be more broad and large than I am in a small theater.I had to accept moms running after kids to put on their sunscreen and hats.

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