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'They grow about one millimeter per year, making artifacts easier to date.' Sometimes crustose lichens can show no increase in size for ten years.'In dating a lichen, for example, if the radius is about fifty millimeters across, or five centimeters, one could assume that the rock had been there for at least twenty five years.' Foliose lichens connect loosely to stones and have a leaf-like shape (see Figure 2).

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Each species of lichens has distinguishing characteristics which separates one from another.Sometimes a wall will be built with rocks that already had lichens growing on them. There are certain ways in getting around these setbacks like looking to see if lichens are growing across the entire wall or just a small portion of it.One way to be more precise is to see if there is more than one colony of lichens on the wall.The fungi are responsible for protecting the photosynthetic organism by producing a vegative body called a thallus.The photosynthetic alga produces carbohydrates and provides energy for itself and the fungal organism.

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