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From pleasure to procreation, insecurity to inquisitiveness -- today's reasons for taking a roll in the hay seem to vary as much as the terms for the deed itself.

Some college students have cited as many as 237 different reasons for having sex.

Today, sexual behaviors seem to have taken on many different psychological, social, cultural, even religious meanings.

Yet, some sexologists say, at the most basic level, there is only one true reason people seek sex.

Polk County Health Department offers a free Herpes supportgroup that meets once a month.

In 1985, Janell Carroll and colleagues found that most college-aged males had casual sex for physical reasons without emotional attachments.

She repeated many of the same study questions to a new audience in 2006.

Many regions and cities all over the world have herpes SOCIAL groups and/or herpes SUPPORT groups for people with genital herpes.

The social groups often use the terms “friends” as in “Bay Area Friends” or “H2O” as in “DC H2O” or “H Club” as in “Atlanta H Club.” The support groups are sometimes named “HELP” support groups, and are sometimes affiliated with ASHA, the American Social Health Association.

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