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" Montag told that seemed to suggest her job was real. It was great holding the clipboard and feeling like you're running the line," she said.

Brescia says they just "became really, really good close friends." in 2016 that her relationship with Brescia "was a fine line of real and fake, because we definitely had real feelings for each other and what we were going through was real, but what we were going through in real life we didn't talk [about] on camera." , Montag revealed that her entire job at Bolthouse Productions was, in fact, a lie.However, the drama soon began when Conrad disapproved of Montag's Season 2 boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, and mutual friend Audrina Patridge found herself caught in the crossfire.But even more shocking than these reality TV soap opera plots is the fact that multiple cast members have now gone on the record claiming that a plethora of scenes, episodes, and unforgettable moments were all scripted, edited, or coerced."Poor kid, it's like, 'Why are they here in my house again?'" Enzo's house apparently wasn't even close to where Speidi actually lived.

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