John cena and mickie james dating

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This whole mess is playing out like a terrible daytime soap opera.We have the white knight hero who can do no wrong, then decides that he is unhappy in marriage and is going to file for divorce.Keep connected to our site to get more wiki on her.One can connect to her via social networking sites like Twitter (685k followers) and Instagram (66.6k followers).Apart from her high in-ring technical skills and appealing finishing moves including, jumping ddt (The Mickie-DT), spinning back kick (Mick Kick) and STF reverse, she is famous for her strong voice and singing ability.In 20 respectively, she released two of her country music albums namely Stranger and Angles , and Somebody's Gonna Pay (May), incorporating respective skills of popular country acts such as Gretchen Wilson, Rascal Flatts, Montgomery Gentry and Randy Houser.Also, James supposedly wanted to keep dating Cena, he was not having any of that, which led to James being shipped to Smack Down and eventually fired.It sounds like moving to Smack Down is the place to go before you get fired, at least if you are standing in the way of Cena's life.

Previously, Mickie has dated various popular wrestling figures such as Kenny Dykstra (ex-fiancée and longtime boyfriend), CM punk (rumor), John Cena (Kenny Dykstra's John Cena and Mickie dating revelation led controversy) and Adam Birch.

At least Cena has every Monday to look forward to, where he can beat up former general managers and smile while doing it.

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And, then she also travels all over the country with her band organizing tours, shows or taking part in music festivals.

Talking about her relationship status, she has never been married (so, no chance for sad a divorce), but we know who her husband to be is. He is no other than GFW star and former TNA World Heavyweight champion Nicholas Aldis aka Magnus, Mickie's boyfriend turned fiancée.

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