James cameron nigerian dating scam

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Couldn't talk any sense to her and she fell for both How much did you charge her? I'm sure there's no way that they could start a new company with a similar name that is owned by the same people and housed in the same location. I had a 90 year old client who got scammed out of a few thousand dollars.

Couldn't talk any sense to her and she fell for both This is why we've drilled it into my husband's grandma's head to demand they mail her anything (IRS scams and the like) and if they do send her anything to let one of us kids check it out for her.

We provide the most complete selection of military gear from uniforms to boots to equipment.

Thankfully, she's not stubborn and realizes we're better at spotting scams.

We've also finally gotten her to realize that just because Bob who claims he's with the IRS says she'll be in trouble legally doesn't mean shiat.

Imagine- no more NIgerian Princes asking you to advance money for a big payout. Imagine- no more fake prescription ads of dubious origin and many, many more in your mailbox ! He does notknow the real contents of the package, as I have deposited the consignmentas a family treasure.

Imagine no more ads guaranteeing you a free college grant from the Virgin Islands ! Act now- supplies are unlimited, so get in while you still can ! Your acceptance to this would encourage me to sendfurther information for us to proceed.

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