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Henry Price was loved by other denominations for his tolerance, kindness and liberality. Henry Price was obviously a Freemason given the compass, square and "G" engraved on his headstone.

No other local preacher has ever wielded the influence he did in Bradley county. Coincidentally, the First Grand Master of Masons in America was named Henry Price (b.1697 Eng-1780 MA).

Henry Price was a charter member of the Hiwassee Railroad Company." ________________ Another prominent pioneer of Bradley County was the late Rev. A local Methodist minister during the early years of the county. After marrying at an early age, Price took his bride into the Hiawasee country when the region north of the river was acquired from the Indians in 1819.

While living in that area, Price became acquainted with Lewis Ross, John Walker and several other leading Cherokee.

He stood six feet high, of large frame, straight, active and immensely muscular, weighing about 180 pounds, with a sort of rugged profile sculptors like to chisel on mountains. In early manhood, he had whipped the bully of Greene County who was spoiling for a fight and singled Price out and insulted him. Elisabeth Wooten was born 2 April 1815 and was first married to James Gillet on September 1835.

Turner Wooten, father of Elisabeth, was a Revolutionary War soldier. Henry Price came to the Indian Reservation before it was open to white settlers.

His sons were Prier, David Vance Price, and Charles Price, who was Sheriff of Bradley 1846-48.

Henry is first identified in the 1820 Franklin County Tennessee census.He could preach effectively and "scotch" for other preachers as well.He stirred them up to greater effort and often startled the young people by crying out loud in a loud course voice, "Lord, help me to pray." When he began to jump around in the stand and slap his hand on his coat tail, his emotions were contagious.On their invitation, Price crossed the Hiawasee River with his family and settled in Chatata Valley in 1832.Colonel John W Ramsey who knew Price well remembered him as 'probably the most popular man in Bradley county of his day'.

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