Itemupdating event receiver

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Based on the latest recommendations from Microsoft, User Interface Share Point 2013 & Share Point Online should be customized using Client Side Frameworks and not using Traditional Master Page Customization based on Branding Solutions.

Moving on the same recommendations we will discuss Java Script Injection or Embed Java Script Pattern which is one of the newly recommended techniques from Microsoft that enables the developers to write applications to push the client scripts into the page from outside Share Point Environment.

You can refer to following of my earlier blogs on Remote Event Receivers to get better understanding on usage While working with Remote Event Receivers I came across a scenario where we need to hook up the Event Handlers to any of the existing lists in a site.

For example we got a list called “Products” in which we need to stop the users to delete any list item.

“PH-Bind-Event-Receivers-With-Existing-List” – Represents the Code Base for the Provider Hosted App “PH-Bind-Event-Receivers-With-Existing-List Web” – Represents the Code Base for the Remote Web Select App Project and Press F4 to see the properties Under “App for Share Point Events” Set the Events that the App is required to respond to.

This requirement can be achieved simply by deploying a Farm Solution containing the Event Receiver SPI hooked up with the Products List Item Deleting Event.

But what if we are not allowed to deploy any code solution in Share Point Environment?

Here we would need only “App Installed” and “App Uninstalling” Event to work on so we would enable only these two events by changing the value to “True” As soon as we enable the App Events a new service class gets added to the Solution by the name “App Event Receiver.svc” under the Services Folder Detailed walkthrough of the highlighted steps is as follows- Step 1- Check for the Event Raised and make sure that we are handling only “App Installed” Event Step 2- This step is tricky of all.

It is important to notice how we are getting the full path of the Service Class that will be listening to the lists events.

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