Is tori vega dating beck in real life 123 sexy chat

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As soon as she saw me, she ran away, as she left she was rubbing her eyes so I knew she was crying.I didn't want her to feel bad, but I couldn't do anything until I broke up with Jade.(Tori's POV)I knew I loved Beck and when I saw him going to Jade combined with what Trina said and the way he looked at me last night at the end of the play, I had to run away crying. If he still loves Jade there's nothing I can do about it.(Random person's POV)I saw the whole thing. I saw Beck look after her until she was long gone and the worry in his eyes.If you are a fan of the show, its characters, and its crazy plotlines,...Hannah Montana, Victorious, i Carly, Sonny with a Chance...I had said "I have no meaning without Tori in my life, if she were dead I would commit suicide to be with her" Then I ran after Tori.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow.(Tori's POV)When I locked eyes with Beck, it was obvious we belonged together and he looked at me in a more romantic way than he looks at Jade. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.(No one's POV)The next day at school Beck was waiting for Jade on the one day she didn't ride with him.

Are you usually outgoing and friendly or are you quiet and like to keep to yourself most of the time?

This bunch of questions will enable you to figure out which victorious character you are either Trina or Tori.

Every time he touched Jade, I would long for him to touch me like that, while it felt like a huge hole had been punched thru my chest. He was also subconsciously waiting for Tori, so he could tell her how he felt.

I tried to act like everything was normal, but I had to tell someone. When Jade walked in Beck knew it was time.(Beck's POV)As I walked up to Jade I saw Tori come in with a tear-streaked face.

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