Is tom sturridge dating camilla belle

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Brandon Davis---------------------------------------------------------------------March 20, 2009#2 & #3 - Both of these award winning actors are A list. When they get there though, it is not about watching, it is about each taking a turnwith every actress on the set.

#2 is an Alist movie actor, while #3 got his start in movies, and is now an Alist television actor. Charlie Sheen & Sean Penn---------------------------------------------------------------------September 26, 2008#1 - Calling this person even a celebutard is pretty much a bump up instatus.

Even if you tell her to be quiet she startsagain after a few seconds. She used to be a B television actress on a very hit show. She got back together with her husband then auditioned for amovie with our actor. By the time theystarted filming her marriage was over and our actor and actress were inbed everyday. He told her he wanted to be with her forever, but didn't really meanit. There are a few more, but no onewould know who they are.

Now, she is one of the several women hesleeps with everyday.

The problem is the guy just doesn't love women, healso loves teens. As in 16 and 17 year old teensand the actress knows about it, but refuses to leave him despite this.

She might not always look happy,but this actress, has definitely made me smile and now I know, I willnever utter a bad word or slight about her again. But, she stillgets modeling work and some acting work too. That's right five guys, kind of like the hamburgerchain which is where I will now have to eat my lunch have all cheatedon her either on their first date or within two days of them going out.

Claire Danes---------------------------------------------------------------------July 22, 2012This former almost A list television actress who is now lucky to be a Clister who gets any parts in movies or television but still has almost Alist name recognition has some terrible luck with guys. Our actress is acting way too desperate for a guy and is sleeping withthem all the first date.

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