Intimidating your children

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People kind of just expect you to go along with them when they are bitching about something or someone and when you don’t engage with them, you’ve left them hanging.

Of course, you don’t mean to make them feel awkward, but it’s more important that you don’t talk about people.

The defining characteristic is a fight against being controlled.

It’s hard to describe people like that, and therefore, it’s hard to lump you in with an entire planet of people afraid to move.

If gossip isn’t your thing, you’ve likely experienced a blank stare or two from conversations where gossip arose, and you didn’t bother to participate in it.

Is this oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder, and how can you deal with this? We talk every day with parents who feel their dream of raising a child has turned into a parenting nightmare.

This article is intended for parents facing intimidation—perhaps even bullying—by their adolescent or teen in their own home.

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