Interracial dating marriage in china

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Your future wife might have already been buried when she was born.”“The only solution to this problem is to create preferential policies for families with daughters and for women when it comes to employment, reproduction, and education.

It features a replay of Tech Buzz co-host Rui Ma’s recorded call on Sup China Access, which was originally aired live on July 23.

The conversation is moderated by Jeremy Goldkorn, editor-in-chief of Sup China.

Considering there are millions of Chinese men who can’t find a spouse, if the authorities continue introducing large numbers of foreign students to the country or advocating interracial marriages between Chinese women and foreign men, this will be a crime against the Chinese race.

They will leave behind a historical monument of shame. Xie 88 declares in his bio that his mission is to “defend China’s cultural excellence, stop the impact of extremist religions on China’s peaceful evolution, and promote the positive influence of Chinese culture on human progress.” His post quickly had Weibo users talking — more than 2,000 comments so far — with many arguing over who should be blamed for the millions of men unable to find wives in China. He would like to break women’s legs and make them blind so that they are forced to search for men in piles of trash.

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