Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing delphi www datingservicesminnesota com

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The fix will likely be in that first EBF when it becomes available.-- Chris Keating Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere Professional Version 8 i Anywhere Solutions ** Please only post to the newsgroup ** Whitepapers can be found at ** EBFs can be found at Use Case Xpress to report bugs NICOLAS" "Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing" #2Hello !Are there equivalent options that ca...quotes, quotes, quotes...I am getting this error and I know what is causing it, but I have no idea how to fix it, any help would be great.-- Erland Sommarskog, SQL Server MVP, so****@Books Online for SQL Server SP3 at code are you talking about? Clients FOR UPDATE AS update Contratos set Client = inserted.

Too many rows were affected by update." If somebody can help me THANKS A LOT OF....It does fire (as expected) when the change comes from the update statement itself) Questions: - Is this expected behaviour? Proposal: Rename "software update" to "application update"Rumor has it that lots of extension update bugs get filed in the "software update" component when they should be filed in the "extension/theme manager" component.- how can I uniformly trigger a change of a column wether set by the update statement or by... Hi, I am using the dataset wizard to connect to a SQL database. - Open Source is not an excuse to write fun code then leave the actual work to others. ALLCOL("%COLUMN%", " ", ", ", ", ")Do you know anyway for me to exclude a subset of columns returned by this function. How about renaming "software update" to "application update" so the scope is more clear? Delivered='YES' FROM OPENQUERY(LINK_DB, 'SELECT * FROM XXXXR. O1') OQ JOIN OPENQUERY(LINK_DB, 'SELECT * FROM XXXXR. I would like to learn the statement that make the relation between these tables. Cos these are separated in two different databases and if a user make an update in a table from database X these changes must to be applied in the other table in the another database: The tables are : Principal Database Name : Server Information 2004 Table Name : Clients Fields : ID_Client, Client Secondary Database Name : Index2003 Table Name : Contratos Fields : ID_Con, ID_Client, Client I need to write a Trigger for Update the table Contratos everytime a user change the values in Clients.

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