Insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing Adults chat live room gall

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Resync new records won't be visible but that doesn't explain the error.

insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing-21

This is the error: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)': Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing. It happens when the recordset is based on tables where the Primary Key of one table has the same name as a column name of the other table. Open str SQL, , ad Open Static, ad Lock Batch Optimistic, ad Cmd Text Set .Hi VB'ers I just discovered something I thought I would pass along. I was loading combo boxes which I learned how to do on Tek Tips thank you very much. Recordset Dim con String As String Dim s Code As String Dim s Elig As String Dim s Elig2 As String Dim s Need As String Dim s Need2 As String Set ado Combo = New ADODB. Well I decided to get fancy and try and load two combos at once.

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