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Brock remains involved with all of his children, to the point of moving the new family so they can live nearby where Reba and the other children live.

Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman) worked as Brock's dental hygienist until their affair resulted in her becoming pregnant.

Brock Hart (Christopher Rich), a dentist by trade and professional golfer by passion, causes the divorce from wife Reba by impregnating his dental hygienist, Barbra Jean.

Brock feels obligated to step up and marry Barbra Jean so they can raise Henry as a family unit.

smart, new-fashioned, surprising; mostly irresistible. The main thing 'Reba' has going for it, however, is credibility. These things do happen." - Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic Reba Hart (Reba Mc Entire), once the matriarch of a happy middle class nuclear family, saw her world fall apart as one thing after another seemed to go wrong.

Moments within finding out her marriage can not be salvaged due to infidelity, news comes that teenage daughter Cheyenne is pregnant.

But even just a few uses of the word "lesbian" is helpful in desensitizing it for Reba‘s straight viewers.

Reba Mc Entire arrives tonight as the sort of natural TV star that makes you wonder what took her so long to get here... She's got timing to burn.""With Mc Entire's comedic timing and her down-home delivery, infidelity, and teen pregnancy are made downright amusing.Now in its fourth season, Reba has been the WB’s most-watched comedy for the last few seasons, and a clear ratings winner at around four million viewers each week.In last week’s episode ("Van’s Agent"), Van falsely tells gay sports agent Sadie (played by Wendie Malick of Just Shoot Me), whom he is trying to impress, that Reba is gay — and fails to mention his gaffe to Reba.Van’s response is comical: I didn’t mean to, it’s just Sadie and I were talking about our favorite cities, and I said I really liked Lubbock, and she mentioned San Francisco. Reba reluctantly agrees, and Barbra Jean warns Reba not to go to Massachusetts on their date, "because they’re making them get married there." But later that night, when she’s getting ready for the date, Reba tells Cheyenne and Van that she doesn’t think she can go through with it because "Sadie’s a really nice person and I don’t like lying to her."When Sadie arrives to pick her up for their date, Reba finally confesses that she’s "a little less gay than Van said I was." In fact, she tells Sadie, "I have no powers of gayness whatsoever." Sadie is bummed but blames herself more, saying "this happens to me all the time" because "I got no gaydar," and asking plaintively, "How am I supposed to meet women?I wanted to say something clever and make a joke, but I don’t know anything about San Francisco except cable cars and gay people. " Reba sympathizes with Sadie’s loneliness, and the two agree to be friends and go to dinner anyway, although, Sadie jokes, "I’m going to have to cancel the violinist and you’re going to have to pay your own way."The last scene is of the two women leaving the house as Van, Cheyenne, and Barbra Jean look on, dumbfounded. " Barbra Jean comments, and Van comments excitedly that their daughter "is going to have two grandmas!

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