How technology affects online dating

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Despite existing research exploring issues such as mate selection, self-presentation, and impressions, we still do not know how online dating systems affect people’s perceptions—about technology, relationships, romantic partners, and themselves—and how these perceptions affect behavior.If you're anything like me, you reach for your smartphone as soon as you wake up to check email and respond to texts.As a corollary to the context issue, there's an utter lack of empathy when using technology to interact with others."I'm so sorry your ___ died" or "I heard you lost your job; I feel for you." Where is the compassion and solidarity with loss?

This is the case with the rise of online dating, which is now the second most common way for people to meet a romantic partner.

So to the dreamers, inventors and everyone in business and technology, the world awaits your socially responsible contribution.

A culture’s social fabric is deeply dependent on how its members establish romantic bonds.

Stan sees that whole relationship as something that started and developed entirely online.

He's convinced his ex-wife's behavior would have manifested at some point, but technology drove the two of them apart faster.

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