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They will give you knowledge this is something that can make you a better sex partner.

Most of the younger girls are spoiled by Hollywood movies and expect their companion to be careful as a movie character.

Those women who are in their thirties or older and who enjoy being with younger gentlemen are known as cougars. We can observe why they would like to go out with younger gentlemen, but why those gentlemen choose a woman older than themselves instead of a young girl?

This sort of usual things as forgetting to do something or making a demand are not going to get on the mood of a cougar women.

With the knowledge of their age they know that no-one loves drama queens.

According to Exotic Kenya CEO, most of the male escorts receive about 20 calls a week leading to 2-5 conversions.

“Male escorts charge a premium because of the effort they put in. One is usually enough depending on the escort’s negotiation power,” he explains. The least a male escort can make in one session is KES 5,000 depending on the services offered.

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