Green card dating

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In the age of social networking online dating is very popular and no longer has the social taboo it once did.

lawful permanent resident (green card holder), then the immigrant is in preference category 2A, meaning there are a limited number of visas every year, and the immigrant will be on a waiting list. The immigrant can adjust status only if he or she either: If, however, the immigrant entered the United States by unlawful means, such as having been a stowaway or crossing over the border through a fence, adjustment of status is not a procedural option.

In fact, it's considered visa fraud, and can not only destroy the immigrant's eligibility for a green card, but for future visas to the United States.

Again, the only hope would be to consult an attorney and apply for a waiver. An immigrant who has lived in the United States unlawfully and then leaves the country for consular processing risks being penalized for the illegal stay.

Many lonely hearts have been targeted by foreign nationals, fraudulently professing love and romantic interest. Support for the scammer while in the United States – food, clothing, shelter, travel, gifts etc..

These romance scams involve: The cost of romance scams can run into tens of thousands of dollars and include: 1 . Travel expenses – to meet the scammer and for the scammer to come to the United States. You will also be responsible to pay back any money that the scammer received from certain public assistance, even after the scammer has left you.

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