Girl code rules of dating

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If someone upsets you, don’t turn to another friend to try to make an alliance by getting them on your side, work it out with the person who hurt your feelings.

Nothing good comes from trying to settle the score by teaming.

Nothing is worse than being bombarded by a guy who is being touchy, sloppy and overall creepy. Rule 5: You do not try to date your friend’s ex/crush This is probably one of the most wellknown girl code rules. Unless you talk to her about it and she approves, dating someone’s ex could not only break your best friend’s heart, but it could also break a friendship.

Rule 6: Tell a girl if something looks a tad off If someone has lipstick on her teeth or ever has her shirt on inside out, you should always tell her. Yes you would, so be a pal and make sure you tell her so she doesn’t get embarrassed.

We have all heard about the “guy code,” which really can sometimes disgust us, but rarely do we speak about a “girl code.” Why is that?

Likely it is because not many of us live by the same rules.

In the South, there is a phrase everyone uses, “bless her heart.” For those who don’t know, it is code for “what I am going to say is not going to be nice and I shouldn’t say it.” It is along the same line as “I am only telling you because I am worried.” If you really are just worried, then talk to that person directly and help them.

Just because the guys all want to be with her, that does not make her a bad person. [Read: The right way to stop being jealous of someone else’s success] #4 If you have a problem with “a,” talk to “a” about it.

Women are notorious for going behind each other’s back when they are upset.

Girls can be very vicious, vindictive and hurtful creatures.

If you want to have friends and be a friend, there are certain things that you have to do to create honesty, stave away competition, and set standards for yourself and those you associate with. All someone has to do is bring up someone that isn’t there, and suddenly everyone is ravaging them, tearing them apart, and spilling secrets that they vowed they wouldn’t.

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