Ginnifer goodwin and jennifer morrison dating

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Though a difficult decision, it was one that we were very confident about. I realized in coming back and having had the show decide to tell its final story in this final episode, that I had always counted on this show as being here — I always counted on my being able to return, sort of like when we all go off to college, we know that home is still home.Now knowing that home is being obliterated, as it were, that the sets will be torn down, I’ve been really overly emotional. It doesn’t help that the scenes, of which we are part, are classic scenes. The word “hope” is batted around an awful lot, so it is very nostalgic feeling. I wish that it could just go on forever and that we always knew that it would be here when we’re homesick.” Mader cuts in with a laugh: “That’s called marriage.” has depicted Snow and Charming’s epic love story since the show’s launch in 2011, fans also got to watch their portrayers fall in love.The duo, who began dating while filming the show, got married in April 2014.They welcomed their first child a month later and their second in June 2016.Though Goodwin and Dallas left the show at the end of season 6, the two will return for the upcoming series finale, which airs over two weeks starting this Friday and concluding May 18.

But anyways, we had decided that that was what was best for our family.

The fact is that my entire real life has blossomed because of this show.

Early on, to see that the show meant that much, that people went to that extent in representing the characters, made me really take what we’re doing here more seriously. We don’t really know what has happened to them, but we know that they have gotten the message that they are needed, and they have answered the call.

And I hope that there is enough love for the show that we do reunion specials along the way.

What was the most poignant fan interaction you’ve had because of this show? I’ve been so humbled and grateful that there have been so many. GOODWIN: I feel like, more than it being about anything that’s been said, having fans not just come to Comic-Con, but show up in Vancouver on location dressed as our characters, has been truly amazing to me.

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