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That seems more on the level that I think most people would expect. If you start smothering her with gifts, she might even be turned off by this. And no, it's not customary for people to celebrate 2 month "anniversaries." Like I said before, as sweet as you think this effort is, I feel it'd more likely turn her off. It's up to one to decide if it's important or not. And I doubt she'd mind a cute gesture (don't go too far though, keep it sweet and not-creepy).Flowers are a nice touch, but any more is just ridiculous for a month of going out. Then when it's a real anniversary (you know, year long) you can bust out the big guns for gifts. Bring her a single flower on your next date and hand it to her, saying something about how nice this month has been.Well I really like her and don't want to screw things up.EDIT: It seems that the general consensus is that I should just do something small.That is not to say the gift must be bought from a store, it could be anything creative… A good gift idea would be anything gold or has gold in/on it.Maybe a plate that says happy 50th anniversary and happy 50 more years of love and with their wedding picture…Like go on a date, casually mention it, and give her a small memento. Personally, I think that's a touch over the top for 1 month.

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Giving an anniversary gift made of these materials is said to bring good luck. Best anniversary gift for a 20 year union is give them some idols of youth that inspire to do work with team and good spirit.Answer: The traditional anniversary gift for twenty years is china (the dishes, not the country.) 46th Wedding anniversary has for symbol: POEM, traditional gift will be a poem from famous poet or by yourself, and 46th wedding anniversary gemstone is bloodstone.Otherwise traditional gifts from bedcloth - houseware and decoratives are fine. It is a good idea for both to give gifts in celebration of a wedding anniversary to show appreciation or love.There are no traditional gifts for a 29th wedding anniversary.The modern gift for a 29th wedding anniversary is new furniture.

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