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While investigating suspicious events, a CB Threat Sight analyst uncovered a new Emotet campaign that utilized a series of techniques and binaries masquerading as legitimate binaries that ultimately injected an Emotet variant into memory of the compromised system.

Additional research by the CB Threat Analysis Unit (TAU) discovered at least 225 related samples that were used in two distinct campaigns.

Ultimately it would decode necessary APIs, which were loaded, and finally it decoded an embedded PE file.

The different sections of this PE file, which is an Emotet variant, were then copied to different sections of the host file’s memory and executed.

However focusing on characteristics and behaviors that are suspect regardless of the technique or novelty is what allows you to stay ahead of the curve.

This campaign was quickly identified because TAU focuses on creating content and detections that identify these type of suspect behaviors.

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This customer had installed the CB Defense sensor on a subset of systems in monitor only mode for evaluation.

CB Threat Sight analysts initially investigated an alert generated by the Predictive Security Cloud within the customer’s CB Defense console.

Using heuristic analysis the PSC detected several highly suspicious behaviors being performed by applications with unknown reputations.

The malicious dropper masquerades as a legitimate file.

The exif data, like copyright, original file name, version number, description, and company are for a legitimate tool.

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