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By having a live chat window on your website, this gives you the opportunity to do this.

You now have the choice to host your live chat on either your own website (using your own resources) or our live chat server (using our resources).

You can enable this service from within the survey settings menu.

It will require an external registration on Nimble Squirrel in order to make use of the service. WP Live Chat Support was developed to specifically create and manage live chats on your server.

Once the live chat plugin is activated, click on “Live Chat” in the left menu navigation.

As soon as a visitor lands on your website, their details will be displayed in the live chat control panel. If they fill out their details and click “Start chat”, a ringing sound will trigger in your live chat control panel.

There's a three-day free trial and then there are .99/week, .99/month, and .99/year subscription options.

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The only information sent with this API is your website URL, so your personal data is not sent to our servers. WP Live Chat Support Privacy Policy: We use Google App Engine to spawn or despawn multiregional low latency chat servers depending on chat load.

Some stories contain graphic horror elements (such as a young man finding a woman's severed head in his roommate's mail), some swearing, and some moderate sexual content.

Push notifications send spooky, suspenseful teasers ("I'm in trouble.") to bring readers back to the app for more.

The app's writing team creates horror, comedy, mystery, and romance stories, which appear on-screen as text conversations between the stories' characters.

Before subscribers read the brief story installments, they can check out a synopsis of the plot and view how many people have read it, as well as how long it will take to read (typically no more than 10 minutes).

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