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At the top of the list, besides Lt Gen Naravane, is the current Northern Army commander.

Aadhaar is a unique identifier which ties across databases — driving licence and vehicular registration, PAN, social security benefits, employment records, pension funds, provident funds, school admissions"On the communications front, we have been briefing you from time to time.

It has a no-nudity policy -though this is not very well moderated at times- and it will bounce you to the ‘unmoderated’ section if you get banned, where the ratio of girls to guys is far, far worse (1 in 50 to 1 in 100 at times).

To get unbanned, you will either need to wait a couple of weeks, or reset your dynamic IP address if you have one.

In our latest decision, we decided to open 29 more exchanges, making the number of functional exchanges to 76 out of a total of 95," Kansal added.

As reported by ET, the vetting process for selection of the next army chief has begun, with a list of five top officers being considered for the post.

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