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Every time you do that, Cyber Ghost will ensure no logs are kept of your activity, all your traffic is encrypted, your IP is hidden behind a fake one, and the kill switch and leak protection are both activated.This means you can search for your perfect man or woman with complete peace of mind, knowing you’ve dodged the restrictions and are invisible to any online surveillance of government scrutiny.Not only will Express VPN keep you connected and actively engaged in your search for “the one”, but it will also protect your privacy by encrypting all your traffic with cutting-edge encryption levels.

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Unfortunately, if you’re either working overseas or traveling for business, you may have to put your online romance on hold as some countries block dating websites as part of their internet censorship policy.

Cyber Ghost is competitively priced and simple to use but doesn’t quite match up to the impressive standards set by our two top VPNs for unblocking dating sites.

Read more about Cyber Ghost in our extensive review here.

Once your VPN is up and running, click on a server outside the country that you’re in and then navigate to your favorite dating site.

While some websites are geographically restricted, this is rarely the case when it comes to online dating sites, however, if you want to access the profiles of people who live near you, you’ll want to connect via a server in your home country so you reach the correct version of the site.

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