Foursquare dating

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She says the larger idea here is to present users with potential matches who you already have things in common with, as reflected by the places you go.“The places that you go say a lot about who you are as an individual, what you value, your hobbies, your interests,” she continues.You can’t push a button to clear your data, for instance.

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Seidman doesn’t believe there’s much for users to be concerned about, though.

The company says users haven’t asked for this sort of functionality during tests.

Rather, they’ve opted in to the feature in full force, with very few qualms about their personal data or its usage, it seems.

That’s because Tinder’s main business isn’t ads — it’s subscriptions to its premium service, he explains.

“We’re not using [personal data] to sell advertising,” the exec says. And in the other place, you get connected to the most important part of your life.

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