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I didnt meet a girl from a dating site (think it was if I remember correctly) for more than A MONTH!!Hell on Flirt Hook Up it took me almost that time to get a girl to give me some cyber!

After joining and replying to all of their message, you never hear back.

Quite enjoy using flirthookup, helps to keep me busy ;-) I usually find that joining at least three sites (depending on how much free time you have) is the best recipe for success when it comes to finding girls online who are up for a bit of no strings fun, cos lets face it, they aint growing on trees and take a bit of time and effort to track down.

I like as my main site and I usually have at least one app on my phone as well (tinder at the moment) so I can do a bit of swiping on the go.

I've been using Flirt Hook Up for a few years now with mixed success.

Between the 2 sites I usually get lucky a couple of times per month as an average.

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