Filtering data and validating data in excel

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Because of this, we have to include the INDIRECT function as well.The image below shows you the arguments dialog box which gives a brief description of the function.This allows users to choose from a list rather than having to type any information directly into a cell, maybe incorrectly.The simplest way to do this using the Data Validation options is pointing the source of the list to some cells that having the information in them.You will know how to explore and validate data, prepare data by subsetting rows and computing new columns, analyze and report on data, export data and results to other formats, use SQL in SAS to query and join tables.Prerequisites: Learners should have experience using computer software.Specifically, you should be able to understand file structures and system commands on your operating systems and access data files on your operating systems. In this module, you learn to use SAS procedures that provide insights about your data.

In Excel, it's possible to create a dropdown list within a cell.

Now that this is setup, you can add new rows to the Departments table, and they will automatically show up in the Data Validation dropdown list.

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So, if you want the list to be comprised of departments for your company, you can make the source point to some cells else where that have the departments listed.

The downside to this way is that if the list is visible to the user and not protected, they can edit or delete the list, probably by accident, but it can happen.

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