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: DEATH VALLEY NIGHTS KEEPS THE FAITHA- FAITHA-FAITH in Dallas, Earache in My Eye docs the freak show, plus much more PICTURE IN PICTURE: In defense of Hancock, and WHAT MINGUS HAS TO DO WITH MAKE-BELIEVE CHRONIQUE: STYLIN’ AND PROFILIN’ with our improbable design blog UNDER THE COVERS: FROM BOOKWORM TO SOCIAL BUTTERFLY in one easy step Chronic is now your one-stop blog shop for buzz on poli- tics, sports, music, film, television, gaming, technology, design, gay stuff, and - do we even need to say it? Our blogs as you knew them still exist, but now all posts will also feed into one crazy mash-up - newest on top, just like you like it. Plus: K8 and pals gear up for eye-popping visual effects. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Austin Chronicle, PO Box 49066, Austin, TX 78765.

NEWSDESK: REEFER MADNESS STILL SMOKING, Bush library blunders, and Perry’s spin doctor blacks out THE SCORE: THOMAS HACKETT ON OLYMPIC ATHLETE ERIC SHANTEAU’S RECENT CANCER DIAGNOSIS, and more sports blatherings and whatnot from here and afar (§0 web extra For this week's Web extras and more Web exclusives , go to: austinchronicle.com/webextra. Terri Smith OFFICE STAFF CFO Michael Schwarz CONTROLLER Liz Franklin SUBSCRIPTIONS Cassandra Pearce CREDIT MANAGER cindy soo ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT Samantha Jenkins INFO CENTER Fernando Martinez, Cassandra Pearce SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR Steve Raymond ASST. Unsolicited submissions (including but not limited to articles, artwork, photographs, and resumes) are not returned.

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music BROTHERS AND SISTERS sports ANARCHY IN THE RING AC WAND THE TEXAS WRESTLING TRADITION The Live Music Task Force Tunes Up to Protect the City's Claim to Fame BY KATHERINE GREGOR • P.26 SEE nus Tinc HRonic FOR BREAKING NEWS, DAILY LISTINGS, PERRY MOUTHPIECE BAILS, REBELLIOUS 'RENT' HAS LEGS, A WAXAHACHIE BUZZ KILL, AND MORE MILD RANTS AGAINST THE MACHINE contents VOL. 46 JULY 18, 2008 COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY TRACI GOUDIE 4 8 PAGE TWO Critical Grasp POSTMARKS Don’t be so quick to dismiss Ypsilanti, Stephen Moser needs to learn correct head shop lingo, and more.

122 CAR TALK Smart Car Maybe Not So Smart on Highway 64 COMMUNITY This weekend welcomes the bloggerific Netroots Nation gathering to the Austin Convention Center and the sudsy and saponified Texas Soapmakers Association to the Double Tree on the highway, either of which fine events might prompt a snide comment about getting one’s hands dirty.

But, no, we’ll be too busy at Sunday’s Makers Faire auditions to indulge in cheap snarkery.

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SMARTY PANTS The unoriginal Oreo, humans get HIV from monkeys, and more (w© Ask Mr.LISTINGS Anne Harris STAFF WRITERS Wells Dunbar, Katherine Gregor, Margaret Moser, Lee Nichols, Marc Savlov, Jordan Smith CONTRIBUTING WRITERS TV EYE Belinda Acosta OFF THE RECORD Austin Powell VISUAL ARTS LISTINGS Benne Rockett DAY TRIPS Gerald E. Contact Kate Messer at the intern hotline, 454-5765 x303. Long ago, I was cured of expecting a storm of response to clearly con- troversial, sometimes purposely provocative cover stories.kff VERIFIED • M AUDIT CIRCULATION The Austin Chronicle (ISSN: 1074-0740) is published by The Austin Chronicle Corporation weekly 52 times per year at 4000 N. More often than not, the most widely shared reactions are responses to other letter-writers or a throwaway line or a reviewer of a local show (art, music, dance, etc.).I like to be able to go out and do fun activities... Meet thousands of fun, attractive Bahamas men and Bahamas women today!

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