Edison chen dating 16

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Clot expanded into a complex for his new businesses, including shoe and clothing design, Juice's retail outlets, his record company, an event-planning concern and a marketing consultancy for multinationals trying to gain a toehold in the new China.

"Ten years ago I'd be wearing Phat Farm and Enyce, and people would say, 'They're so baggy!

The orange-and-tan Chinese-themed result, called the Clot Kiss of Deaths, became a small sensation in the hermetic world of sneaker-obsessives (released in May, they now go for more than 0 on e Bay), and led to contracts to redesign Levi's jeans and Pepsi cans.

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"We try to create stuff for our people, meaning we make it for Chinese people, and the messages are for the Chinese community.

Edison Chen, one of Hong Kong's biggest young pop icons, called to do his interview three hours early.

Late the night before, he was partying at his high-end street-wear boutique, Juice, in the hip Causeway Bay district of Hong Kong with New York graffiti artist Stash and Kobe Bryant.

They were introducing a Kobe-brand Nike shoe Chen's company, Clot, had designed.

To cap the evening, an earthquake rattled the island.

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