Disabled woman finds dating site for disabled people

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Following a stroke last year, she now uses a wheelchair.Thousands responded, with people from around the world sending her snaps alongside stories of how they met their partners.Dating these people are, in essence, is just with anyone else.This happens in schools, at work, and, in particular, during events organized by societies that work with the visually impaired,” says Michal Kuharzh, educator and organizer of educational programs for blind people.Many responded with tales of their own love story, with one person from Colorado writing:' It's not me you were asking for but my bf isn't on Twitter.Almost a year together now and 6 months of that have been really gnarly after surgery that left him in chronic pain. Sending good vibes to you.' One user from Cambridge wrote: 'Here’s me and my boyfriend at a little museum!

I also had a 2 1/2 year old.' One from Ohio added:' Hi! One user from London commented:'Been dating @digidiane for 24 years this August, married 14 Nov 5th.Many of them would very much like to get acquainted and even create a family with a man without such a restriction, that is, with the sight.For example, an acquaintance of the blind told me: “When I touch a woman’s face, I feel her nose, cheeks, mouth – these are details that I can perceive, but I cannot put them into a single whole.Speaking frankly, for a person with severe disability in sight to live with a healthy partner – it is pleasant and profitable.On the other hand, as a rule of thumb, partnership relations are established between people with the same form of vision impairment.

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