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Registration involves telling the browser the location of the service worker in preparation for installation.

Installation occurs when there is no service worker installed in the browser for the webapp, or if there is an update to the service worker.

A service worker is a Java Script file that operates as a type of web worker.

They work separately from the main browser thread to handle push notifications, synchronize data in the background, cache or retrieve resource requests, intercept network requests and receive centralized updates.

Activation occurs when all of the PWAs pages are closed, so that there is no conflict between the previous version and the updated one.

The lifecycle also helps maintain consistency when switching among versions of service worker since only a single service worker can be active for a domain.

This can improve loading time, by providing an initial static frame, a layout or architecture into which content can be loaded progressively as well as dynamically.

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Beginning in the early 2010s dynamic web pages allowed web technologies to be used to create interactive web applications.Service workers are used in an attempt to give progressive web apps the ability to provide the high performance and rich experience of native mobile apps, with the low storage space, real-time updates and improved search engine visibility of traditional web apps.Service workers go through a three-step lifecycle of Registration, Installation and Activation.In this model, service workers store the Basic User Interface or "shell" of the responsive web design web application in the browser's offline cache.This model allows for PWAs to maintain native-like use with or without web connectivity.

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