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Merlin moaned again and kissed Arthur back hungrily.Arthur moved from Merlin's lips, across his cheek bones, down his jaw and to his neck, gently nipping and sucking."Good or bad day?Merlin grinded down against Arthur and it earned him a loud moan.Arthur gripped Merlin tightly and flipped them over, nibbling on Merlin's ears.

Arthur stood, shrugging on his jacket and packing his brief case.

Arthur grabbed his briefcase and stepped out of the car, locking it behind him and headed to the door. " a male voice called and Arthur grinned and waited.

A scruffy looking man came wandering down the hall. His dark hair was a mess but he grin was stunning."Your home," he beamed and went to Arthur."Hello Merlin," Arthur beamed and pulled Merlin into a kiss. Arthur was studying law and Merlin was studying creative Arts and had bumped into each other on campus. Arthur had been having a bad day and was being more of an arrogant prat than usual to everyone around him. Merlin had apologized over and over, ready to buy him another and Arthur lost it. Arthur had stopped his rant and was immediately taken aback when Merlin had put him in his place.

" Merlin panted, eyes rolling in the back of his head as Arthur sucked on a particularly sensitive part of his neck."Good," Arthur growled. Bad ending.""Oh," Merlin moaned, clutching Arthur harder as Arthur's hand snaked down to cup his ass."Did you want to talk about it?

" Merlin whimpered as Arthur pulled him roughly towards him, rolling his hips."Later Merlin," Arthur growled."Yes, later," Merlin moaned in agreement.

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