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It takes a lot of guts for a girl especially to confront and ask a guy out.

This is a huge slap in the face to the girl and a HUGE impact to her ego. That is why some girls desire the attention, lead guys on, make guys chase them, and play hard to get. That is why saying this will awake the monster inside her. No girl will forgive a guy if they reject her because she is unattractive. Never tell a girl “it’s not you, it’s me” or something along those lines.

They won’t accept it because they know it’s excuses. Because that’s their excuse to reject a guy (break up or less), they’ve used it probably many times and they know not once has it been truth. Not because it’s her or because it’s you but because of the world around you and her.

Blame things like school, work, family or even someone else.

You would think it’s the typical “guy asks a girl out, girl says no, what to do”. In a nutshell, the guy asked “Girl I know has feelings for me, but I do not like her romantically. ” It’s a rare occasion but it’s worth to know what to do just in case it happens.

Girls are much more emotional than guys, so it is important to not give the typical response that a girl would say to a guy she rejects nor should you say that she is unattractive or anything too up front... We view people and other things differently but at the end of the day, being rejected will feel the exact same.

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