Dating your ipod

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The A10 Fusion is still a powerful chip that's super fast and a major improvement over the A8 chip in the previous-generation i Pod touch.

Apple also uses the A10 Fusion in the 2018 6th-generation i Pad.

But holding it in your hand is no fun; check out these fabulous armbands to keep your i Pod touch close at hand. Argos currently has the 6th-generation i Pod touch listed for just £129.

Despite rumors suggesting the i Pod touch could see a design refresh, the updated 2019 model has no external changes.

It continues to use the same form factor introduced in September 2012, with an aluminum shell in one of six colors.

We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the i Phone, i Pod, i Pad, and Mac platforms.

The i Pod touch is Apple's dedicated music player, but it does more than just play music.

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