Dating when separated from husband

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There are all sorts of emotional connections, memories, vulnerabilities, and other deeply felt sensations that go along with the physical components – and this means that feelings can get very, very confusing if you’re also working your way through a separation.

Saying “I do” was one of the biggest decisions you ever made and, while there have been ups and downs along the way, you always imagined that you’d see them through and come out stronger in the end.

It absolutely does send a mixed message – telling a spouse that you don’t feel in love with them, but then participating in physical “lovemaking.” If separation is the path you have chosen, even if it’s (hopefully) temporary, you both need to get a sense of what it’s like not have a spouse in your life.

Chances are, you still have some loving feelings for one another, but if fights or other problems have brought you to the point of wanting to separate, you need to resolve some of those problems and repair your emotional connection without letting the temptation to connect physically muddy the waters.

If your husband really wants to separate you need to find out why.

Calmly ask him to discuss his issues with you and see if you can’t resolve some issues.

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