Dating when girls get angry

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Another common mistake that guys make is try to brush over what happened, and try trick their girlfriend into forgetting why she’s mad at him, by distracting her with gifts, promises and other surprises.What guys don’t realize is that most women can see this for what it is: A ploy to distract her, so that she won’t notice that he’s avoiding addressing the deeper issues between them.Christine Blasey Ford must feel and must have felt by having the memory of her assault challenged.When I was about 11 or 12, I was in a friend’s house.Your girlfriend will lose respect, attraction and love for you if you just blindly apologize whenever she gets mad or throws a tantrum. In most cases, her getting mad or throwing a tantrum is simply a way to test if you are going to crumble under the pressure.

However, no matter what the argument is about or how mad your girlfriend is feeling at you, there are some things that you should avoid saying to her…Where many guys go wrong is that, instead of giving their girlfriend some space after a fight, they begin to overwhelm her with endless text messages, phone calls, or instant messages on social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc., trying to convince her to stop being so angry with them. Is she going to be thinking, If you smother your girlfriend with too much attention, she will feel repelled by what she perceives to be your weak state of mind.Even though you might not be desperate or needy, she will see your constant texts and messages as being just that.Over time, she will lose interest in having sex with him altogether and eventually she will fall out of love with him.On the other hand, if he remains strong and always seems to guide the interaction back to love, laughter and connection, her feelings for him will deepen over time.

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