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There has been a lot of analysis today of Sky Mall as a failing retailer, which it is.But the real pity of Sky Mall is that it’s yet another failing The company’s filings for bankruptcy protection reflect that it faced increasing competition from big retailers like Amazon, and no longer enjoyed fliers’ undivided attention because of relaxed rules on electronic devices.Now it’s on nearly every domestic carrier (exceptions include Jet Blue and Virgin America) as well as Amtrak.

Perhaps it can cut costs by dropping its retail operations and simply publishing hilarious product descriptions. Or maybe, like an increasing number of publications, Sky Mall is destined to become a billionaire vanity project.That made them vulnerable to fierce price competition.“We ordered that globe that opens up to become a bar,” Emily Zanotti, blogger and comedian, wrote to me.“It’s awesome.” But it’s not clear why anyone else would: Sky Mall sells it for 9, and you can get it on Amazon for just 4, with free Prime shipping.The first time I met Felix Salmon, the financial journalist, was on a United flight from Newark to Kansas City.Throughout the flight, he would tap my shoulder and excitedly point out increasingly ridiculous items in the Sky Mall catalog. Salmon had a crucial insight: Sky Mall, which advertises items like the slanket-for-two and something called “Roswell, the Alien Butler,” is a far more entertaining read than Hemispheres, United’s actual in-flight magazine.

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