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So how do you break out of the vicious cycle of playing hard to get?The answer is simpler than I thought: “Know what you want and say it plainly,” advises Goldin. Do you have fondness, admiration, and appreciation for this person?The person you’re interested in becomes a goal to achieve and you no longer are seeing them as a whole person.If you’re not spending time with them when you want to or talking to them when you want to talk to them, they’re not seeing the whole you, either.While some of them turned out to be unhelpful, others were downright destructive when put into practice.The advice I became the most critical of was to “play hard to get” because it was a sure way to win a man’s heart.But I quickly learned that when I played hard to get, I missed out on opportunities to genuinely connect with him.When someone plays hard get to get, they’re focused on getting the upper hand and controlling the relationship.

), I tested out quite a few of the pieces of advice that were given to me.

That way, he’d become jealous and chase me for attention. Maybe he glances over every so often while talking to another girl just to see if you watch him. You know this feeling, you remember this feeling before. This is because he’s not the first guy you’ve wondered is he playing hard to get about. He isn’t giving you what you want, yet you still hang around because you think one day the light bulb in his head will go off. [Read: 14 signs he’s playing mind games with you] #13 You ignore the signs. But you don’t really want him, you just play the game in hope of winning it.

Either way, it’s not in your favor to be with this guy. [Read: 13 clear signs to split a player from a gentleman] #9 He’s not the first one to do this.

[Read: Is he playing hard to get or just wants to sleep with you? If you look at the situation with flashbacks of your past, well, this situation isn’t any different. If he really cared about you, this wouldn’t be happening. Usually, most of the time you’re in a constant state of annoyance around him. Look at the signs, absorb them into your brain and then pull out.

He may tease you with photos and messages, get you all excited, but then nothing happens. It’s a classic move and always does the job of pissing off the other person. In fact, you even remember some of your male friends doing this shit. You know the signs, they all lay out nicely right in front of you, but you ignore them. But you’re not going to win, you need to know that and accept it.

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